Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Pinkie Day!

Here is Pinkie Day Episode 11!  I am playing around with some music and editing.  This video is set to some rather dramatic and mood enhancing music.  Like we need any of that with the excitement of Daddy coming home, but it is fun!  The children are greeting Daddy.  John is really getting excited now! He is really getting the hang of this "Daddy" concept!  

Hope you are all having a great spring weekend! We are so happy to have Daddy home again. Today, George and I took Emmett on a little "date" to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman in Charlottesville.  Emmett loved it.  How bittersweet to see that movie.  Emmett is 7 years old just like the character Sherman.  Part of the message of the movie was about letting go as your children grow up.  Awe.  We are so proud of Emmett.  He has really changed so much since he turned 7.  It is like his face is literally morphing into a young boy from one day to the next.  Oh wait, it IS!  sigh...

And Carmen is off at a birthday party by herself today.  She has been looking forward to it for weeks.  She is so grown up, as well.  She is doing a wonderful job with dance, she is reading and writing better each day, and she is so proud that she can count to over 100 now, just like her big brother.

George is so surprised at how John is changing.  Hard to believe that John will be 2 on May 14th. That also means that we are coming up on 2 years in July that George has been working in Richmond.  Wow.  John was very sick a few weeks ago and when he recovered from that, he just took off!  He is saying more words, running all over the place, saying goodbye to naps and he is about to be sleeping in a toddler bed.  Next up, potty training.  Well, not really.  I want to potty train him about as much as I want to have a root canal.  ugh...

Well, at the end of the movie today, I caught this picture of George and Emmett.  It is so sweet.  I love it when we can be together.  Other than the fact that my George looks like George Clooney with that gray hair, it is a very touching picture! heehee  Why does gray hair look so handsome on him and gray hair on me makes me look like I should be a character in the new movie, "How to Train Your Dragon"?

So on to the rest of the weekend.  We are excited to begin Holy Week with Palm Sunday and the procession to remember Jesus entering Jerusalem.  Have a blessed and fruitful Holy Week!

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