Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pinkie Day is for Moms, Too

Well, here it is one month since my last post.  I have been beating myself up about how long it has been since I have updated Pinkie Day, but one month isn't as bad as I thought!

Looking back, it was actually 4 days before my last post that our second foster daughter arrived.

So needless to say, I have been much busier than usual.  Everything is going so well with our family and we are happy to have our 2 teenaged foster daughters living with us.  The only down side is that I have less free time to spout off my wisdom on the computer!

Well, George is home this week for the whole week leading up to Carmen's birthday on Saturday.  I think Carmen may actually explode from excitement.  She doesn't even know that her grandpa is coming for a surprise visit!

Now about the title of my post.  I had a special Pinkie Day on Saturday.  Sometimes I forget how much I miss George because I am trying so hard to keep it together for the children and make sure they are ok.  I kind of just don't pay attention  to how I feel or I just put it on the back burner.  It is so important for spouses to focus on each other, as well.  Sometimes it seems the children always come first, rightly so.  However, it is not a bad thing to put your relationship with your spouse first sometimes, too!  After all, the relationship is what came first, even before the children. It is not just children that need nurturing.  The spousal relationship does, too.

So Saturday, I got a text from George stating something to the effect that a package was delivered to the garage door and to check it and let him know what I think.  Well, it so happened that at the same time we got a package at the front door so I told him it already came.  I decided to have Emmett check it anyway and Emmett came back and said nothing was there.  I then forced myself to get out of bed to go look just in case Emmett missed it.

About forcing myself out of bed...

See, the hard thing for me on Pinkie Day is literally getting out of bed.  Before you call a therapist, let me explain.  I feel like I got through the whole week and did the best I could do with the children.  I feel like I held it together, got everything done that needed to get done and got to all the appointments on time.  So by the time Pinkie Day comes, I just kind of shut down and can't really wait another minute for George to get home.

I guess you could say that I go on strike.

I have a sit in.

I organize a protest.

Whatever you call it, I just want him to come home!

This past Pinkie Day was no different.  I hung out with the children in bed and they were playing in my room while I was trying to muster up energy to get up and do laundry and make breakfast.  I didn't expect George home until later in the day.

However, when I went out to check on the package in the garage, much to my surprise, there was my very own husband in the driveway, just walking around and looking at the flowers.  Ah!  What a relief.  And what a treat for me.  I got to see him all by myself.  No videoing, no pictures, no "Look! Daddy is coming!" No standing back and watching him hug the children first.  Just me losing it because I was so happy and relieved to see him.  :)  With the way I acted, he may want to just greet the children first from now on!  haha

I do LOVE seeing the children greet Daddy after a long time away.  It brings joy to my heart to see the love overflowing in their hearts as they see his little purple truck reach the summit of Summit Drive.

But I must never forget that Pinkie Day is for me, too.

With that said, enjoy Pinkie Day Episode 12!  After I greeted George in the driveway, we came inside and I got this sweet and tender video of the children seeing their daddy.

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  1. What a sweet surprise. Yay George!
    ps. your video is set private (only you can see it). set it 'unlisted' and it won't show up on youtube's searches but it can be viewed by anyone with a direct link like you have here.


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