Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Pinkie Day Thanksgiving

Forget Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving, we had a Pinkie Day Thanksgiving!

Yes, we are still celebrating Pinkie Day, even though I have not posted since August.  The children lost interest in doing their videos simply because we never found any Pinkie Day Pals.  So they caught on and got to be like, "who are we talking to, anyway?"  I don't blame them.  :)

I realized in order to get your blog out there, you really have to pay to have it listed somewhere.  I have not done that yet.  So, in the meantime, we continue to celebrate Pinkie Day and hope friends and family will share this blog.  Someday we may meet other's who can benefit from the Pinkie Day idea.

On to the topic of the day...

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with our little family in our home.  Just us.  Daddy has been home ALL weekend.  He came home with the turkey on Wednesday night and he is leaving to go back to work Monday morning.  We have had a great time together this week.  We are so happy that George can be home for this long weekend, as well as Christmas and New Year's long weekends.  Phew, it makes things much more bearable.

We watched the Macy's Day parade and always reminisce and tell the children that Mommy and Daddy's first year married, we went to NYC and saw the parade on Thanksgiving and ate dinner in the city and saw the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.  Great memories to share with our little offspring!

George also had a long weekend leading up to Veteran's Day and he took Carmen and John to Tennessee to see his family.  It was a great time.  Emmett and I hung around at home since we were just in TN in September when Emmett visited his grandfather for 2 weeks.

Last week one evening around 6pm, I drove by an elementary school with the children.  It was dark out already so we could see into the cafeteria.  There were still children in the school waiting for their parents to pick them up from the after care program.  I told my children about that and explained that they actually probably see their daddy (and even mommy) more than those children who are in school ALL day straight into the evening. It was quiet in the back seat as I explained, and I think they were counting their blessings as they thought of those children in school for such a long day away from home.

So we are all counting our blessings this Thanksgiving at the Petty homestead.  As for me, I am trying to stay positive and not wish the time away until I can live with my husband again full time.

The children are doing great in school.  We are healthy and happy.  That is saying a LOT in today's world.  We are an intact family in a world in which people, families and relationships are crumbling around us.  So we will stay strong and love every minute that we are together.

Ahhh, had to get a picture of John at the dinner table.

Emmett made the sweet potatoes this year.  He did a great job and was such a big help in the kitchen.  He takes after his father. :)

My view from my side of the table.  I like it!  George smoked the turkey in our fire brick oven and it was amazing!

Proud of my table.  Especially proud of my homemade dinner rolls, carrot pudding and egg nog mashed potatoes that everyone ate up fast.

HAHA I must include the photo that George took of me today because he thought my hair looked funny.  Here is the caption...
"You are going back to work MONDAY?  Get in time out, kids, NOW.  Mommy wants to eat in peace."

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